Canadian American Beer Fest Betas Come to Pizza Plant in Buffalo on April 8th and the Winking Judge in Hamilton, ON on May 5th

With the Canadian American Beer Festival postponed to 2019 (April 13) over an issue regarding bringing product over the border, the Can Am Beer Fest – WNY Beta will now take place on April 8 at Pizza Plant Transit (12pm). The free event will feature WNY-made Can Am collaboration beers, a la carte food, and the chance to interact with the brewers. Afterwards, select WNY – Can Am brews will be available the following week at both Pizza Plant locations and brewery taprooms. Can Am Beer Fest – Ontario Beta will then take place May 5 at Augusta’s Winking Judge in Hamilton, Ontario. Beer list updated regularly here 



See breweries page for beer details (link)

  • 4 Mile is hosting Grand River
  • Five & 20 is hosting Oast House
  • 12 Gates is hosting Nickel Brook
  • 42 North is hosting Shawn & Ed Brewing Co.
  • Big Ditch is hosting Beau’s
  • Buffalo Brewing Co is hosting Railway City
  • Community Beer Works is hosting Redline Brewhouse
  • Resurgence is hosting Collective Arts
  • Ellicottville is hosting Flying Monkeys
  • Flying Bison is hosting Great Lakes
  • Hamburg is hosting Brimstone
  • New York Beer Project is hosting Royal City
  • Southern Tier is hosting Wellington
  • Thin Man is hosting Block 3
  • Westshore is hosting Niagara Teaching Brewery
  • Woodcock Brothers is hosting Cowbell
  • Rusty Nickel is hosting Lock Street

In Ontario, the event will take place Saturday, May 5 (2-6pm) at Augusta’s Winking Judge craft beer bar at 25 Augusta St in Hamilton Ontario (1-905-524-5626). Tickets can be purchased directly at the Winking Judge. Tickets are $50 Canadian and include exclusive samplings of all Ontario-made CanAm collabs, food, a commemorative beer stein and the chance to interact with the brewers who made the beers. As well, the week after the event select CanAm collabs will be on tap at both the Winking Judge as well as at the tap rooms of each producing brewery.  Beer list updated regularly here 



See breweries page for beer details (link)

  • Brimstone is hosting Rusty Nickel
  • Beau’s is hosting Flying Bison
  • Block 3 is hosting Resurgence
  • Cowbell is hosting New York Beer Project
  • Grand River is hosting 12 Gates
  • Collective Arts is hosting Hamburg
  • Flying Monkeys is hosting Woodcock Brothers
  • Niagara Teaching Brewery is hosting Buffalo Brewing Company
  • Oast House is hosting Southern Tier
  • Nickel Brook is hosting Ellicottville Brewing Company
  • Shawn & Ed Brewing Co. are hosting Community Beer Works
  • Railway City is hosting Westshore Brewing Company
  • Redline Brewhouse is hosting Thin Man Brewing
  • Royal City is hosting 42 North
  • Wellington is hosting 4 Mile
  • Lock Street is hosting Five & 20
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