CanAm Letter

Hey All,

We are super stoked and looking forward to building the largest international collaboration event in the history of beer: the Canadian-American Beer Festival!!!! 

Folks, this event is different than most Ontario & NYS beer festivals —  it is not only about “exposure” or just making bank. The Can-Am is truly about celebrating the community of craft beer, embarking upon a craft beer pilgrimage to Niagara Falls, ON and supporting international friendships in the spirit of our “99% asshole free” industry.  Please read the following info as it summarizes (in one email) the pertinent details for the breweries who have signed up that this event is really just around the corner.

You will be paid $USD 200.00 for the beer you provide to the event – two sixtels per brewery.  This means that we expect to pour a minimum of 80 sixtels. As for the collaboration concept, it is still a huge part of the CanAm, but we are deferring collabs to 2020 and featuring flagships-only for the 2019 CanAm and doing a draft pick for the 2020 CanAm at the OCBC this year on October 29 at 4pm followed by the CanAm Beer Fest from 6PM – 10PM.   This way of doing things makes the event this year much simpler and gives the collab partners a chance to easily meet up face-to-face at the OCBC and have a whole year to plan & brew for the unveiling of the collabs at the 2020 CanAm. The OCBC will be in Niagara Falls this year and next year and possibly a third year (and maybe beyond).  

We think this gives us a really good runway to get the CanAm its wings.  We are about this. 

Below you will find an exhaustive list of details about the fest.  If there is anything missing that you have a question about, please email Paul Corriveau of the OCBC and Willard Brooks of the BNBA.   We are happy to help & here to serve. 

Here goes:

The Event

Canadian American Beer Festival (aka CanAm)

Opening Night Event at the OCB Conference

CanAm Collaboration Draft – Tuesday, October 29 (4- 5pm)

CanAm Festival – Tuesday, October 29 (6 – 10pm)

Scotiabank Convention Centre

6815 Stanley Ave,

Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3Y9, Canada

CanAm Website: 

OCBC Website:

  • Attendees to the festival must be at least 19 years of age in Ontario to enter the festival. 
  • Each OCBC attendee will receive one entry ticket valued at $10 w/a tasting glass and 2 tickets.
  • The General Public may purchase an entry ticket for $20 with 6 tickets.
  • Additional samples cost $2 each.
  • All participating BNBA Brewers may purchase OCB Conference Tickets at OCB Member Rate.
  • All participating BNBA Brewers receive free entry to the OCB Conference Vendor Show.
  • The OCBC will provide the venue (Ballroom) and allow Can-Am participants and attendees entry into the Scotiabank Convention Centre to attend the event.


Proceeds from this event will be shared with the OCBC @ 40%, Buffalo/Niagara Brewers Association @ 40%, CAN-AM joint budget @ 20%.  The CanAm 20% funds will be used for CanAm 2020 and beyond as working capital.

CanAm 2019 & 2020  – Collaboration Draft

We are driving towards having the CanAm take place the first night of the OCBC in Niagara Falls in 2019 and 2020.  For 2019, there will be no collaborations.  For 2019, two flagship sixtels from each of the 20 participating US breweries will be imported and paired with two flagship sixtels from each of the 20 ON breweries.  A collaboration draft pick will take place on October 29 at the OCBC that will create collaboration pairings for the 2020 CanAm. This will make for good networking and will build excitement for 2020.  The longer runway of a year to make the beer for 2020 will enable more creative collaborations, less stress, more fun and a platform for long term success. This will take place before the doors open to the CanAm Festival on October 29 at 4:00PM.  (Note: in US beer-speak, a sixtel is ⅙ of a keg, which translates to a 20L keg). 

Brewery Package – Due By End of September

$200 participation/entry fee will give the brewery the following benefits:

  • 20 – $10 admission tickets that include a CanAm glass, plus 2 sample tickets (Additional beer tickets are available at $2 per ticket with a max of 12 – each sample is 3oz.)
    • The brewery can decide to give out the tickets or sell them to their customers to offset their entry..
    • Breweries can purchase additional $10 tickets in advance to help drive people to the event.
  • The CanAm will purchase two sixtels of their featured beer for a value of $100 each ($200 total). More beer may be purchased if required due to ticket sales
  • Brewery will be identified as a participant on the CanAm website and will be able to use the CanAm logo in their social media efforts recognizing their participation.
  • Brewery will receive two passes to the CanAm to staff their booth.
  • Brewery will receive the OCB member rate to purchase OCBC registration (see – email questions to
  • All breweries and staff will receive free entry to the vendor show (see – email questions to
  • To purchase the booth the OCB will issue a payment link on their Pheedloop website here (link will be updated with ticket info soon).

The Booth

Brewers/owners/servers will be required to staff their own booths. Each brewery will receive two (2) admission passes for servers/representatives. Servers will not be required to buy CanAm tickets as they are working the event (servers must be 19 years of age). Each brewery will be provided an 8-foot table, ice, keg bins, and a tablecloth.  Please bring banners, coasters, tap handles, logo’d skirt and promo stuff to decorate your booth with you. Plan on bringing your own jockey box – let us know if you need help.  


The main marketing for the CanAm this year derives from the inclusion of the CanAm in the OCBC and the fact that the OCBC undertakes a large promotional effort for the conference which the CanAm is now part of.  In addition, the Buffalo Niagara Brewers Association and the OCB will engage in a social media campaign for the CanAm by posting about the event in all channels. There will also be posters. Please help out by promoting the event on your social media channels. The BNBA works with E3 Communications for PR; the OCB works with Policy Concepts. There will be an article going out in Brewers Journal which reaches all Canadian industry members.  The OCB websites will have pages with information about the CanAm, which will also be mentioned in the OCBC messaging. In Buffalo, there may be a press conference close to the festival date around some legislative help received for the event. The press kit will be available here at:

Hotel Info

The OCBC has arranged for hotel packages —

Industry Tickets – OCBC Registrants

  • The Industry Ticket is valued at $10 and includes a commemorative tasting glass, entry to the event, and two drink tickets.
  • Additional drink tickets are $2 each.
  • Each drink sample is 3oz.
  • The OCBC will include a $10 Industry Ticket as part of the OCBC registration package for all single-day and two-day OCBC attendees as well as for all Trade Show participating vendors.
  • Trade-Show-Only registrants do not receive a complimentary Industry Ticket. They must purchase a General Admission ticket (see General Admission Tickets below).
  • OCBC Ticketlink here – (link will be updated with ticket info soon).

General Admission Tickets — Non-OCBC Registrants

  • General Admission to the CanAm is $20 and includes a commemorative tasting glass, entry to the event, and six drink tickets.
  • Additional drink tickets are $2 each.
  • Each drink sample is 3oz.
  • General Admission Tickets will be sold through the OCBC Pheedloop website from both the OCBC website and the CanAm website.
  • GA Ticketlink on OCBC Pheedloop (link will be updated with ticket info soon).

Beer & Sampling

Each Brewery is responsible for the following:

  • 1 x one sixtel One-way Keg of Canada/USA -Beer 1
  • 1 x one sixtel One-way Keg of Canada/USA – Beer  2

Do not send stainless steel kegs as returning them will be difficult.  Please send only one-way US Sankey Kegs (Petainer deals in one-way kegs and may help – stay tuned). 

2019 Beer Information – Due September 23rd 2019.  We need details on the beers you will pour at the festival to include the following for each beer:

  1. Name of the Beer
  2. Beer Style
  3. ABV
  4. Beer Description

Email this info directly to  & with the subject line “CAN AM BEER 2019”

Delivery of the US Beer Delivery between Monday October 7th to Wednesday October 9th.

Resurgence has graciously agreed to consolidate the US beer for the US beers to be imported at their warehouse in Buffalo for unified delivery by breweries and pickup by our importer Premier Brands. We also will  have a special permit from the SLA to enable Resurgance to warehouse the beer and to consolidate the invoice for the importer

Send Beer to: 

Resurgence Brewery 

55 Chicago St, 

Buffalo, NY 14204

Contact: Jeff Ware at 

Canadian Export for US Brewers

We have engaged the services of the Canadian beer importer Premier Brands for import.  The process of export involves the Buffalo Niagara Brewers Association working with the NYS State Liquor Authority to define the Resurgence Brewery at 55 Chicago St, Buffalo, NY 14204 as the consolidation brewery in NYS where US brewers will drop their beer.  Premier Brands will file a Freight rate request with LCBO. The LCBO will set the cost per keg to import. Premier Brands will help the BNBA build a quote sheet for the consolidation brewery (Resurgence) to put on their letterhead.  The LCBO will order product from the brewery and will pick up at the brewery and deliver to the Premier Brands warehouse. The LCBO will price the kegs for and then release kegs for Premier Brands to deliver to the OCBC (CanAm). Premier Brands will need the Special Occasion Permit #.     Premier Brands will deliver the kegs to Niagara Falls to the festival location (Scotia Bank Centre). Payment will need to be made by OCB to Premier Brands upon delivery. For export to Canada there are no special US or Canadian label requirements.

Border Crossing – US-Canada

No visa or electronic travel authorization (eTA) needed to drive to Canada for business visits if you are a US citizen. A passport or enhanced driver’s license is adequate.  However, some additional paperwork is advisable to participate as a US brewery In a Canadian festival. This paperwork is in the form of a letter from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) stating that US breweries participating in the CanAm are invited by the OCB for business purposes that do not involve work.  This letter presented at the border allows brewery staff attending the OCBC/CanAm to cross the border for business travel sanctioned by the CBSA as invited by the OCBC as guests for a trade show. For 2020 collaborations a letter from the collaborating host brewery will be required to travel for the Collab. That is not needed for 2019.  The CanAm steering committee will send a separate email on this topic & provide all needed documentation. 

Border Crossing – Canada-US

No special visa is required for Canadians for temporary business travel to the US.  A passport or enhanced driver’s license is adequate. For travel to a trade show where you are staffing a booth or for doing collaborations in 2020 a letter from the US trade show (CanAm in this case) or the host brewery is needed.  This does not apply for 2020 as there is not a US trade show and there are no collaborations. The CanAm steering committee will send a separate email on this topic.


If you are in Ontario and have a question, feel free to contact Paul Corriveau on his cell at (519) 709-9753, or email at . If you are in the States and have a question, feel free to contact Willard Brooks on his cell at (510).612.8951 or email at

We are looking forward to having a great time at the event  … and making good choices. Let’s represent, people.


Willard Brooks, Buffalo Niagara Brewers Association

Paul Corriveau, Railway City Brewing and OCBC Committee Chair