A major feature of The Canadian American Beer Festival is our international beer competition — the Can Am Beer Cup.   The goal of this is to build a proper beer competition wherein American and Canadian craft brewers can enter their beer across a range of beer styles to be judged by certified judges.   This will have a very unique component wherein, like match play in golf, each team (brewery) gets points for winning hardware.  At the end of the competition, the points will be tallied up and either Canada or America will have more points and win – only one country can be the CanAm Champion and win the CanAm Beer Cup (think Stanley Cup, but beer).


For this first iteration, the CanAm will get the competition off the ground with a People’s Choice Competition.  The way the competition will work is that each ticket buyer will receive a collection of poker chips.  Each chip is for casting a vote for your favorite of the collaboration beers being poured at the festival.  At the end of the festival, the tokens will be tallied up. The result will be a people’s choice vote of their favorite three Canadian and favorite three American beers.   Corresponding to this, there will be a Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophy for both the Canadian and the American side.